The LKN Outlaws offer travel tournament teams for age divisions 3rd grade through High School. Tryouts for each tournament team take place in late fall. Opportunities to be evaluated and potentially added to a roster are available throughout the year. If you have missed a tryout and are interested in joining the LKN Outlaws travel program, please contact our program director:  jmott@lknoutlaws.com

The Journey

In the beginning our goal is for the experience with travel tournaments to be equally fun and competitive. We keep our tourney schedule condensed to avoid "burning out" our kids and families; we want the tournament experience to be fun for the whole family and schedule with a family focus in mind. Summer tourneys are played in late May and the month of June. Fall tourneys are played between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For grades 3rd through 8th we aim to select well established tournaments that will have plenty of competition in all age brackets. The LKN outlaws seek high caliber destination tourneys (beach, mountains etc.), as well as more local tournaments.

Summer teams practice three times per week and play in 4-5 tournaments. The fall teams typically practice one to three times each week and play in 4, more local events.

Playing time is not equal. All players will earn playing time based on the criteria, team needs, and expectations of their coaches. Players who are selected for the Summer LKN Outlaws team will also have the option to play for the fall team following that summer season.


"As our boys advance in grade so will their placement in competitive tournaments to ensure we are maximizing their exposure throughout the recruiting cycle.'


Collegiate Opportunities

The ultimate goal for most of our players is the opportunity to play in college. Once our players reach the 9th grade, tournament selection is focused on gaining as much exposure throughout the recruiting circuit as possible. It then becomes our focus as a club program to attend competitive national recruiting events.

College programs who have interest in a player will engage with the club director and coaches to gather more information on ability and character. College programs are unable to have direct communication with a player regarding their recruiting process until September 1st of their junior year. This includes the offering of scholarships and official/unofficial visits.

Once LKN Outlaws players reach the age of recruitment; they should strongly consider using a recruiting management platform. This platform provides players with their own recruiting profiles and allows them to upload and edit game film, as well as compile their own highlight films. These platforms streamline all emailing needs for the player through a single platform, allowing them to instantly email the college of their choice.




Fall and summer fees are separate.

LKN Outlaws offer payment plans. Need-based scholarships are available.

Helmet and team bag are available for purchase. If you do not buy your own helmet, we will loan you a team one for the tourney season.