“I am privileged to have grown up in the best lacrosse community in the nation! Playing lacrosse on Long Island, NY for the one of the nation's top powerhouse programs has given me an incredible education for this great game. Winning a State Championship as the #1 ranked HS team in the country, and then going on to earn All-American honors twice as a player is a testament to the great coaching I received throughout my lacrosse experience. 

Coaching since 2001, my goal is to deliver the same quality of youth lacrosse I experienced on Long Island to my community and beyond! 

Recreation lacrosse should be about learning and applying sound lacrosse fundamentals, not just participation. Winning games at the recreation level is not the focus, however I believe that winning is a product of preparation and hard work, both of which will be taught to all our players. Being a part of a team is an invaluable experience that develops character like no other childhood event. It is my utmost goal to see each player grow and realize their full potential because of this program.” 

-John Mott