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Equipment Starter Sets



The lacrosse stick is made of plastic(head) and metal (shaft), with a shaped net pocket at the end. The crosse must be an overall length of 40 - 42 inches for attackmen and midfielders, or 52 - 72 inches for defensemen. The head of the crosse must be 6.5 - 10 inches wide, except a goalie's crosse which may be 10 - 12 inches wide. The pocket of a crosse shall be deemed illegal if the top surface of a lacrosse ball, when placed in the head of the crosse, is below the bottom edge of the side wall.


A protective helmet, equipped with face mask, chin pad and a cupped four point chin strap fastened to all four hookups, must be worn by all players. All helmets and face masks must be NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved.


The mouthpiece must be a highly visible color and is mandatory.


All players are required to wear protective gloves. The cutting or altering of gloves is prohibited.

Shoulder Pads:

All players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, must wear shoulder pads.


Arm pads: 

Are required. Except for the goal keeper.


Athletic cups: 

Are required for all players.



The goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask (NOCSAE approved), separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouthpiece, and chest protector. The goalkeeper may wear padding on arms, legs, and shoulders which does not excessively increase the size of those body parts. High school level and below must wear padding on thighs and shins. Youth level must wear some form of abdominal and pelvic protection.