Skill training + 10v10 Game

December 4th-February 5th

Skill Session followed by a Game each week!

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Boys Grades 3rd-8th

Two divisions:

Sundays @ Smithville Park

Elementary 3rd-5th | 12-1pm

Middle 6th-8th  | 1-2pm

Each Sunday we will have a 30-minute skills session where players will be divided by experience level for instruction.

Following the skills session will be a 30-minute 10v10 game giving the players the opportunity to apply skills learned in a game setting.

The Winter 30/30 format is offered to best prepare our participants for the upcoming spring season!

Young Guns

December 4th-February 5th

30 minute skill session each Sunday

All of the fundamental skills of lacrosse will be covered.

Perfect for beginners or novice players!

Boys Grades K-2nd 

Sundays @ Smithville Park